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AYS - one hour before sunset

HEALTH FOOD STORE - immediately after sunset Sabbath.  Orders may be phoned in advance by calling Sis. B. Hamilton at 375-1808 {For pickup on Wednesday nights after prayer meeting & Saturday nights after sunset}.

Santuary Choir Rehearsal - Tuesday and Friday @ 7:00 pm
                                           YAMS Choir Rehearsal - 2nd Tuesday and Friday @ 6:00 pm  
                                           Children's Choir Rehearsal - 3rd Wednesday and Friday @ 6:00 pm  

BIBLE BOWL SIGN-UP -  If you are interested in participating as a team member, coach, or support staff (such as a question writer, moderator, or judge), contact Courtnei Williams, Bible Bowl Coordinator at (501) 838-4526 or by emailing
RELIGIOUS LIBERTY - Want to know the truth about hate crimes laws? Where does our Church stand on Darfur? Are security programs endangering our religious liberty? What can I do to make my voice heard? This month, something revolutionary is happening to the Adventist religious liberty work. Visit 
to find out what it is or contact

NEW ADDITION TO OUR CHURCH WEB SITE - If you haven't visited Shiloh's web site lately, you're missing out!  You can also share messages from God's Word with your family and friends.  Go to

 WEDNESDAY NIGHT PRAYER MEETING - Adult, youth and children's bible study meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. in the fellowship hall, small chapel and children's Sabbath school room, respectively.  Come and be part of a refreshing time with the Lord.


Deepest Sympathy - To all the families that may have experienced the loss of a loved one. We want you to know that as you experience your loss we too feel that same loss and are here for you.  They prayed for “Lazarus” to rise, God gave him an additional 40 days, what mercy and love.  God never makes a mistake!  Now your loved one is waiting for the sound of the trumpet.  We know you will miss him/her and long to see him/her in the resurrection.  Our prayers are with you as you walk thru this valley and purpose to daily stand up for Christ.  May God continue to bless you as we fulfill the scriptures by bearing one another’s burdens.  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help lighten your burden. The Bereavement Committee

CD/Tape – If you would like to order a CD of the Sabbath sermons, please contact Bro. Wayne Powell of the communication department.