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Adventist Youth Society (AYS)

The Adventist Youth Society's (AYS) highlights Children/Youth Ministries. Meetings, church-wide youth days, recreational outings, community outreach projects, musical programs, and other events are used to accomplish these objectives.  We believe that young people are best at reaching other young people. AYS meets each Saturday/Sabbath evening, approximately one hour before sunset, and focuses on dealing with critical issues facing our young people, and utilizing the talents of our young people.
Online Resources

Adventist Youth Online
A one stop portal for youth (music, witnessing, magazines, etc.)

Adventist Youth
Collection of web sites that contain information on a variety of youth programs for the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Black Adventist Youth Director's Assocation (BAYDA)
National black youth resource center.

Informative website for Pathfinder happenings!

Insite Magazine
Online magazine promoting youth ministry

AY Aim
The Advent Message To All The World In This Generation.

AY Motto
For The Love Of Christ Constrains Me.

AY Pledge
Loving the Lord Jesus, I Promise To Take An Active Part In The Work Of The Adventist Youth Society, Doing What I Can To Help Others And To Finish The Work Of The Gospel In All The World.

Keith Washington, Leader
Contact:  (501) 663-3259