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What is this C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N Ministry?
The catchy title stands for
Christ Has Invested Life, therefore let us Disciple,
Reconcile, Encourage, and Nurture our children.

We do this by depending upon Him to teach us to parent as Jesus parented.  I know, I know He was not a physical parent, but He raised His disciples from spiritual babes to mature Christians, ready to take on the world. He had to deal with some tough temperaments too (like Peter). 

                                                   In Ephesians 5:1, Paul says to be

 "imitators of God as dear children."

So, being imitators of God, we should parent as He parents, lead as He leads.


This is why C.H.I.L.D.R.E.N ministry exists.
To tell parents about the importance of Christ-centered parents and families.

Each Sabbath morning, Sabbath schools for each age group welcome children to an hour of active learning geared to their stage of faith development. These classes provide faith-shaping experiences for cradelroll through adolescents.


Children's Sabbath Schools

Cradleroll: 2 years old (must be potty-trained)

Kindergarten: 3–5 years old

Primary: 6–9 years old (grades 1–4)

Juniors: 10–11 years old (grade 5–6)

Earliteen: 12–13 years old (grades 7–8)

Youth: grades 9–12

Just For Kids

Kids Bible Information
Visit this website for easy-to-read Bible topics, stories, games, and a Bible Lesson Series for children from ages 6 to 12.

Guide Magazine
A Christian magazine for young people ages 10-14.  

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries

Children's Ministries Training Programs, Resources & Links

For additional resources or information you may contact Jackie Martin, Coordinator or Charles Sanders, Director, SW Region Children's Ministry Department at

Gwen Brown, Leader
Contact:  (501) 231-1446


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