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Community Service - "Serving Communties in Christ's Name"
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Community Service - "Serving Communties in Christ's Name"

Shiloh's Community Service Ministries functions to provides expressed needs to our community and be a transforming agent for communities and churches following the ministry methods of Jesus. We believe we can provide hope, motivation, dignity, self-respect and healing to our surrounding communities through our local church based ministry.

The seven areas of Adventist Community Service worldwide are as follows:

1. Community Development includes providing clothing, food, inner city ministry, job training, etc.

2. Community Health includes health screening and education, Faith Community Nursing.

3. Elder Care meeting our aged neighbor’s specific needs with specialized programs.

4. Crisis Care Network specific training for counseling victims of disasters and other life crises.

5. Youth Empowered to Serve reclaiming youth 18 through college training them for adult ministries.

6. Disaster Response helping victims of natural disasters reclaim their lives.

7. Tutoring & Mentoring through teaching ministries we can give new lives to those around us.

Our mission is “To Serve the Poor and Hurting in Christ Name” Through humanitarian acts we make known the just, merciful, and loving character

For more information on Adventist Community Services contact Cassandra Crosby at 501 663-3259 or visit the website


"I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."~Matthew 25:40


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